Info to Gather

In order to determine what you qualify for, Patiot NTNL Mortgage Corporation NMLS ID #182489 must gather the following starred information (if applicable). Information that is notated with # is additional information that may be required if you decide to proceed with the mortgage process. If you have obtained a mortgage before, you will notice that this is a lot more documentation than what used to be required. We ask you to bear with us. The mortgage lending environment has changed dramatically in the last few years. We will do everything in our power to make sure that your transaction is a smooth one, but please understand that even if you provide us with every piece of information listed below, the underwriter may still ask us for additional documentation.

*Fully ratified sales contract for a purchase transaction (all pages)

*Two most recent pay stubs for borrower and all co-borrowers covering at least 30 days

*2016 W2 for borrower and all co-borrowers (for all jobs)

*2017 W2 for borrower and all co-borrowers (for all jobs)

*Two most recent months’ bank statements for checking and savings accounts for any accounts that we will need to use for proof of assets for closing costs and / or reserves (all pages, even if blank)

*Current mortgage statements for all properties and all mortgages including second liens

*Two most recent retirement and / or investment statements if needed for reserve requirements (all pages)

*2018 (if applicable) Retirement Award Letter

*2018 (if applicable) Social Security Award Letter

*Bankruptcy plan papers (if applicable)

*2016 1040s (all schedules and all pages – please sign page 2)

*2017 1040s (all schedules and all pages – please sign page 2)

*Documentation for any new credit accounts opened including balance, rate, term and payment (a payment coupon will often suffice for this)

*Copy of government issued photo ID for borrower and co-borrower

*Copy of Social Security card for borrower and co-borrower

*Current homeowner’s insurance policy declarations page with contact info for your agent

*Real estate tax bill (or statement)

*Current income and expense statement and balance sheet for the business if self-employed

*2016 and 2017 Federal Business Tax Returns if self-employed

*DD214 if applying for a Veterans Administration loan

*Copy of divorce decree or separation agreement

*Copy of death certificate if removing a deceased borrower from the deed

#Signed and dated letter of explanation for all deposits shown on bank statements that are greater than $1000 and that are not clearly paychecks or retirement deposits. You may also be required to provide further documenation on these deposits.

#Signed and dated letter from any owners on bank accounts who are not also on the mortgage authorizing the borrower and co-borrower to use any funds in the accounts for the purpose of obtaining the new mortgage